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Rechargeable CROS Aids Improving Quality of Life 

People with single-sided deafness or one ear that is not able to understand speech clearly are at a significant disadvantage when attempting to understand speech and other sounds. This type of hearing loss is called a unilateral hearing loss. This problem is increased when there is noise in the room while the desired sound is […]

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Lisa Fry

Focusing on Pace Instead of Race

Once again, the holidays are upon us. The weather is crisp, the days have shortened, and the pace sometimes quickens as the holiday calendar fills with activities and time set aside for those we love. As rich as this season can be, the sometimes-overlooked reality is the heightened sense of awareness, or stress, which can […]

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hospice star

Honoring Retiring Habitat for Humanity Leader

For 14 years, Miriam Haubrich, executive director of the Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity (PAHH), has been adamant: “There are no free houses.” Yet, in her distinguished career with PAHH, Haubrich has made possible the construction of homes for qualified individuals and families who meet the stringent criteria for access to affordable housing. She views […]

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Becoming a Pilot Requires Aptitude and Attitude

Are you interested in flying as a career or hobby? What does it take for a person to learn to pilot an aircraft? The answer is aptitude and attitude, plus decent health. Aptitude describes the skills and knowledge you need to master in order to proficiently pilot an airplane. Pilots are constantly learning until the […]

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Displaying Historic Cottonwood Homes, Buildings

The City of Cottonwood and the Cottonwood Historic Preservation Commission are hosting the 5th Annual Cottonwood Historic Home & Building Tour from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 3. The tour will showcase a number of homes and buildings from Cottonwood’s early days as a mining and agricultural community. Volunteers will provide detailed information […]

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The Secret Garden: Using Plants as a Natural Screen

As the autumn colors drop the last of their leaves, the gardens can feel naked. Without strategically placed evergreens in the yard, it easily feels like prying eyes look right through your home. Not only does your privacy seem to disappear, but that neighbor’s debris pile can be witnessed through winter. The solution to both […]

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Is it Time to Schedule a Retirement Checkup?

When was the last time you reviewed your financial life? In the same way that it’s important to go to the doctor for a physical, comprehensive retirement check-ups are crucial to your financial success down the road. In today’s technology-driven world, it’s easy to put your finances on autopilot. From automatic deposits, online statements and […]

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