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Yavapai College Pre-Engineering Students Learn and Earn in NSF Grant Internship Program

This fall, Yavapai College Pre-Engineering Degree students will have the opportunity to put their skills to work with Yavapai County companies. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Yavapai College’s CTEC Campus an $855,350 Advanced Technical Education grant to create semester-long internships with local firms. The award will fund “Engineered for Success: Engineering Technician Training […]

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Planting Tomatoes’ Best Friends in the Garden

There are plants that work well together and plants that should be kept apart. Matching the two groups into a garden plan is often difficult, especially in small spaces. Companion planting tomatoes is relatively easy. Companion planting is part experience, part folklore and part wishful thinking. Native Americans were among the first to use companion […]

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How Does Massage Reduce Stress?

We all know that certain types of constant stress in our lives are not healthy. But did you know that recent evidence indicates the physical changes associated with stress may contribute to the leading causes of death – heart disease and cancer? In addition, stress can create and/or exacerbate many physical and emotional conditions such […]

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Women, Retirement: Understanding Gender Differences

If you are a woman who is planning your retirement, you may have noticed that you face some specific challenges that your male counterparts don’t necessarily experience. Women have to account for things like a longer life expectancy, the gender pay gap, shorter time in the workforce and higher health care expenses. While this isn’t […]

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Todd Marolf

Why a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Architecture is all about illustrations and pictures. I know that sounds very basic, and it is basic. The concept of understanding the paper drawings (perhaps digital PDFs) before the project is built is key. I would venture to say the average building owner is not sure what their building will look like prior to construction. […]

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Tips for Mothers: Living a Healthy Balanced Life

I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, student and not-so-great housekeeper. I’m also a trustworthy friend, passionate about God, and a strong leader. I am a culinary specialist and have a passion for nature. Balancing the roles and responsibilities of marriage, motherhood and business can be overwhelming. I continue to seek out those who share […]

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Ecosa Challenges Main Stream Education With Free Tuition

Imagine attending an institution of higher education without worrying about cash up front or spending much of your work life repaying school loans. If the Ecosa Institute has anything to say about it, free tuition will replace the current financial aid system saddling each of last year’s university graduates with student loan debt averaging $37,172. […]

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