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More Than A Broker

When Kyle Karstens’s name comes up, typical responses sound something like this: “She’s got the biggest grin, happiest smile and the best sense of humor. She makes even the toughest real estate decisions understandable.” Kyle Karstens is one half of the Karstens and Associates Realty team in Prescott. She and her husband of 35 years, […]

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Teller Continues Looking Up

As a youngster, Arlando Teller stood in the yard of his Chinle home on the Navajo Reservation and looked up at an azure sky pebbled with popcorn clouds and jet contrails. He wondered where those white streaks crisscrossing the wild blue yonder were headed. When he graduated from Chinle High School in 1991, his continuing […]

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Cindy Barns

Veterinarian Helping Practices Manage Records

When Cindy Barnes bought the Prescott Area Pet Emergency Hospital (PAPEH) in April 2015, she had no idea that within weeks, she would convert it to a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week facility that would soon serve all of Northern Arizona. Barnes, who earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University in 2012, understands that […]

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Billie Orr – Servant Leader

A longtime resident of the Quad Cities area observed, “Billie Orr is a really neat person. And she always looks so sharp in red – smart and sassy, just like she is.” That seems a solid observation. Prescott City Council member and community activist Billie Orr dedicates her time and many abilities to serving the […]

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Healing Through Food and Massage

Few people would consider being in four major vehicle accidents in four years a positive thing. Richard Maranville does. Between the ages of 18 and 22, Maranville got first-hand experience dealing with pain and learning how it feels to be limited. Because of the accidents that fractured his spine, dislocated a knee, tore his rotator […]

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Schepman Wants to Give You a Lift

Look around. Do you see anyone getting any younger? Probably not. But, according to Justin Schepman, if a person uses the services of Prescott Dermalift Clinic, a person may certainly appear younger. Schepman owns Dermalift. He offers a procedure that helps clients look better right away. It is non-surgical, non-toxic and reportedly less expensive than […]

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Blanchard Flexing Her Business Muscles

Many women can say they met their husband on a blind date, but how many can say she met her husband on a three-day camping trip that was also a blind date? Amber Blanchard can and it was fine with her because she is just that kind of outdoor girl. “His roommate was dating my […]

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