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Chispa Sparking Interest in Cyber Security, Individualized Software Needs

If you need a website, there are plenty of great businesses that will do a good job for a lower price, said Joshua Bowen, co owner of Chispa, a new technology consulting firm in Prescott. “But if you need help with cyber security, custom software or if a new business needs help with the technical side, that is what we do.”

Chispa, which is the Spanish word for “spark,” is a consulting firm that specializes in solving difficult problems.

“We help businesses acquire, improve and update technologies they depend on day-to-day,” Bowen said.

Chispa is owned by two young men from Nebraska. The business expanded from Nebraska to the Prescott area in June. Co-owners Bowen and Joshua Orr have more than 15 years of combined experienced in technology support with businesses with from five to 1,000 employees.

Services offered include:

  • Software: A one-size-fits-all approach does not always fit all, says Bowen. Chispa listens to a company’s requirements and builds something custom-made to fit its needs.
  • Web presence: In today’s market, customers must be able to find a business, he explains. Chispa can set up a business in social media to make it easier for customers to find.
  • Tedious tasks: Tedious tasks like backups, data gathering and reports that are done the same way regularly can be streamlined so that both time and money can be saved.
  • Training: Bowen says business owners need it and so does the staff. Classes can be set up to accommodate schedules when new procedures are required.
  • Current technologies: Staying current on technologies can be difficult for a person running a business, so Chispa offers an expert on hardware and software at the company’s disposal.
  • Cyber security: Chispa is able to secure a company’s vulnerable technological equipment.

Chispa is already receiving positive reviews from locals.

“As a grant writer and consultant, I have worked closely with Josh in creating cost analysis for new non-profit and for profit businesses. He is very knowledgeable regarding computers, programming and all tech-related issues,” said Rose Vasquez.” He is also responsive and honest in his work, which is sometimes hard to find. His pricing is fair and for those of us not as tech savvy, he breaks the verbiage down for us. I love the local feel of working with local businesses.”

Bowen found Northern Arizona while attending Northern Arizona University. In fact, Bowen will graduate in 2018 with his bachelor’s degree in business and entrepunership. His partner is staying in Nebraska and providing service to customers there.

He says he likes the direction that Prescott is taking, providing space for an innovation center for economic growth and not relying just on tourism.

Right now, Bowen and his partners are working on a WingSpace, which is coming in 2018 to the Prescott area. The term “wing space,” is a theater term, which is a staging area where performers get ready for their audience and sets are prepared. In Chispa’s case, it will be a place with the necessary equipment for people to work whether for a business, telecommuting or collaborating with other members of the community. It will offer computers, smart boards, a 3-D printer and a laser cutter.

“Josh Bowen is part of the founding team working on the WingSpace Coworking project, which will be Prescott’s first true coworking space that’s focused on building a strong community of independent workers in the Prescott Quad Cities area,” said Melanie Banayat, founder of WingSpace LLC. “Josh has been a real asset to the development of the project with his expertise and understanding of the latest state-of-the-art technology and cyber security. We want to make sure WingSpace is able to provide resources that allow our growing population of independent workers to be competitive with what’s going on in the rest of the world. I believe Chispa consulting services will be instrumental in helping many businesses in our region catch up with the 21st century – so to speak.”

Another way to connect with the community is through technical meet-up sessions hosted By Chispa one or two times a month. Programs are geared for people with all levels of expertise. Upcoming topics include drones and their place in business, 3D printing, and privacy. QCBN

By Patty McCormac, QCBN

For meet-up information, visit For more about Chispa, call 402-401-4381 or visit








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