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Exploring the Community of Homestead Talking Glass

Welcome to “At Home with Tom and Sandy!” This month, we have a significant community project that is generating a lot of interest and we have called on a “lifeline” to share facts about this project with you. As Tom and I always say, we are here to give you the inside scoop on real estate, the construction industry; what’s up, what’s down, what’s hot, and what’s not. We’ll share real estate stats, home prices, building permit numbers, construction pointers and give you hints on renovations that will give you a return on your investment.

There is plenty going on in the housing and construction industry and a very cool commercial project taking place: the Homestead Talking Glass apartments in Prescott Valley. So settle in and enjoy.

Tom:       Sandy, it is impressive to see this huge undertaking being created, shaped and fashioned in our area.

Sandy:   Absolutely Tom. I just smile when I drive by this construction site and see the change in upward momentum almost on a daily basis. Gosh, and to top it all off, our winter weather has been so spring and summer like that there is just nothing but great construction days – no snow days for sure!

Tom:       I know we have called on one of your Life Line Friends to join us in the column. Introduce our partner that is going to share Homestead Talking Glass Apartments with our readers.

Sandy:   One of faves is with us – Brad Fain, president and CEO of Fain Signature Group leading the way on the Homestead Talking Glass Apartments.

Brad, it’s such a pleasure having you join At Home With Tom and Sandy to share your fabulous project taking place in Prescott Valley.

Brad:      Sandy, thank you for asking me to join you and Tom and to share our story. Homestead Talking Glass is a great project and we are excited to be a part of bringing such an opportunity to the market.

Tom:       Ok guys, let’s roll. Brad, how many units are being built at Homestead?

Brad: Homestead will have 214 units, consisting of one-, two- and three- bedroom layouts.

Sandy:   Brad, when did you break ground?

Brad:      In early October of 2017.

Sandy:   Seriously, six months ago and the project looks like a mini city already – so sleek and urban-like. Being built right in the heart beat of Prescott Valley.

Tom:       If you started six months ago and construction is moving along quite nicely, what is your expected completion date?

Brad:      We are looking to move the first residents in between October and November 2018 and will continue to locate new residents into Homestead through March 2019.

Sandy:   What amenities will be included?

Brad:      Sandy, you know only the best amenities, of course. We will have a conference center, board room, two community gathering areas for entertaining or just hanging out. They will both have small kitchen basics, tables, couches, large TVs and access to a grill. One is downstairs and then we the second will be upstairs with a huge deck and retracting doors to create a really amazing space. We are also building out a large exercise facility with the latest equipment, TVs, on-demand fitness instructors. Outside will be a resort style pool and hot tub, fire pits and fireplace, family gaming areas – Sandy, that’s old-school games like we use to play: Corn Toss, Ping Pong, etc…. In addition, we have a small dog park within the community and there will be a dog wash facility so that everyone can keep their four-legged friends clean.

Sandy:   Wow, Brad, these are some cool zoned-in, must-have amenities right outside the front door. This is like having the convenience of everything one needs at their fingertips; an apartment with lots of amenities and walking distance to grocery stores, movie theaters, wine and coffee bars. Living and enjoying life without going far, but partaking in what your community offers and a great opportunity to meet your neighbors.

Tom:       Brad, I am sure our readers will want to know. Do you know what rents will be?

Brad:      The rents are market rate apartments. Our management team, PB Bell, is currently doing an analysis on the market to make the final determination on rates.

Sandy:   Is there a particular demographic you are targeting?

Brad:      Active people who want to live in a community that is connected to the town. Whether it be the Live, Work and Play folks or the empty nesters who are active and want to be connected to the pulse of the community. From Boomers to Millennials and everyone in between seeking a great downtown lifestyle.

Sandy:   Do the owners have projects like this elsewhere? If so where and how long have they been doing this?

Brad:      Well, we truly believe this is a first for the region – affordable living right in the heart of downtown Prescott Valley. There is nothing else like it anywhere that we are aware of where you can live, walk to work and walk to all types and forms of entertainment including the Prescott Valley Event Center, Northern Arizona’s premier indoor arena.

Sandy:   Okay, guys, I am not good when it comes to guessing acres, marbles in a jar, or jellybeans in a glass bottle or how many pieces of pepperoni on a pizza. I would guess that just by looking at size of the construction site, and knowing the project takes up a couple city blocks I am going to guess this is a 12-acre construction site. Tom, how many acres do you think?

Tom:       Sandy, I am going to say 11.5 acres.

Sandy:   Ok Brad, how did we do – did we win the gold?

Brad:      I do not want either of you buying my lottery numbers. The project is 9.5.

Sandy:   I have seen the workforce in action and we are so thrilled that many local contractors are being used on the site. Brad, when all trades are engaged at the same time I bet the workforce is in the 100s.

Brad:      There have been 10 to 25 tradesmen based on the scope of work taking place to well over 150 workers when all components are being engaged.

Brad:      The apartments themselves will be managed by PB Bell. I’m not sure exactly how many employees will be on site, it’s safe to say two or three in the leasing office and then a couple people to manage the facility for maintenance. PB Bell will be hiring folks who will be living here in the region.

Tom:       In as much as I am a construction guy, Brad, what can you tell our readers about the type of construction you are using?

Brad:      It’s a traditional stick build. We have nine-inch thick post-tension slabs, wood framing. The framers are out of area and much of the framing is done outside the region in their factory and then the walls are shipped here. They then assemble them in place. Some of the framing is also done right here in Prescott Valley. It makes the framing of the apartments run very smoothly and fast. That first building on Main Street was framed in about four weeks.

Sandy:   I like fun facts and not having to guess how many jelly beans in a jar so Brad take it away with some fun facts for our readers.

Brad:      The Club House used 360 yards of concrete. Building along Main Street used 480 yards of concrete. There are 22.5 dwelling units per acre. It has taken us 10 years trying to get the project launched and will take 17 months to build it.

Sandy:   Brad, this was terrific having you join Tom and me and sharing Homestead Talking Glass Apartments with our readers. These are really cool apartments, apartments with a purpose and thank you, The Fain Signature Group for having the vision to continue to put Prescott Valley on the map.

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Thanks for stopping in “At Home with Tom and Sandy” and meeting our guest Brad Fain of The Fain Signature Group. You’re in good company and we love sharing educational, fun and important information with you. See you next month. QCBN


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