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Housing Arizona’s Softball Hall of Fame

What could be more appropriate in “The Softball Capital of Arizona” than the Arizona Softball Hall of Fame?

That is what is in the Grace Sparkes Activity Center at 824 E. Gurley Street in Prescott.

For the past 12 years, memorabilia paying tribute to renowned Arizona softball players – male and female – to coaches, sponsors, umpires and other contributors has been housed in a small alcove of this facility operated by the City of Prescott.

On display are trophies, plaques and photographs of men’s and women’s teams, of individual Hall of Fame elected members, umpires and sponsors. Also displayed are uniforms, softball equipment and other memorabilia associated with the popular sport.

Originally, when the Arizona Softball Foundation was established in 1973, its intent was to honor those whose achievements warranted Hall of Fame status.

Before being permanently located in Prescott on May 27, 2005, the Hall of Fame had been located in several “homes,” including the Hayden Library at Arizona State University. But because of regulations forbidding permanent displays at Hayden Library, the collection ended up being shelved until the City of Prescott Parks, Recreation and Library Department agreed to give it a permanent home at its current location.

Access to visiting the exhibit is through the Recreation Services Department, located in the same building at 824 E. Gurley Street, Prescott. QCBN

By Ray Newton, QCBN

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