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Maintaining Sparkle for the Holidays 

Your home is where memories are made. Relationships with family and friends are renewed and grown within the walls of your home and you want this season to be wonderful. Here are some tips for making your home feel comfortable and homey for the holidays for friends, family and guests. 

Keep up on the little daily chores during the holidays so that they don’t grow to be projects. Set a 20-minute timer to do the little stuff, make sure the bed is made and dishes are done. Keep mail in a designated place so that it doesn’t get strewn around the counters and pick up the clothes off of the floors. 

In the kitchen, do a quick check in the fridge to get rid of older leftovers and unneeded extra food just taking up valuable space. Don’t worry about cleaning the oven, save that task for after the holidays.  Make sure that you have all the kitchen tools you will need and that they are in good working order.  Sharpen knives and have plenty of large serving spoons. 

Do a safety check around the house for possible hazards to young children and the elderly. Replace batteries in your smoke detectors and test them to ensure they are in good working order. 

Declutter and remove any unnecessary items from the guest rooms, countertops, in the entry and on the floors. Less clutter equals less stress and creates a relaxed and clean feeling. Clear out space for guests’ coats and make room in the guest room for their items. 

Each room that your guests may encounter should have a night light so they can find their way easily. Make sure outdoor walkways and the address are well lit.  

Make the entry or the first room people see organized and pretty. This is where people come in, say their hellos, give big hugs and it is the first impression. Make it special and warm and welcoming. 

Get help when needed. Don’t feel guilty that you are so busy during this season. Your time is precious, so spend it with the ones you love, doing the things that contribute to the joy of the season. Schedule professional carpet cleaning, window cleaning and house cleaning to free up your time and reduce stress. 

NOW, decorate to your heart’s content. Some like a lot of decorations and some like a minimalist approach. Either way, make it yours, show your style and have fun! 

Finally, have something cooking that smells wonderful and festive as you entertain. Even “cut and bake” cookies baking or cinnamon potpourri simmering on the stove will do the trick. You’re all set! Your guests will feel comfortable and cozy, your house will feel like home and SPARKLE. Have a safe, and love-filled holiday season! QCBN 

By Lucy Leyva 

Lucy Leyva is the owner of Prescott Maid to Order. 


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