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Moving Company Changing Name, Ownership

Saying that business is better than expected, the new owner of Ace Moving is pleased with the success her company has had to date.

In January, Susan Bennett bought the former Frank and Jesse James Moving Company in Prescott Valley. She renamed it Ace Moving and said that business has been steady and is increasing now that spring is here. She noted the business is a family operation, as her business partner is her nephew, Ken Steward, also from Prescott Valley.

“We’re trying to position our business as ‘concierge movers.’” Bennett said. “Our entire focus is upon satisfying customers.”

Bennett, who also serves as office manager, said the four full-time employees are routinely busy with both short and long-distance moves. Ace also has part-time employees.

“Most of our moves are in Arizona or the immediate region,” she said. “We don’t have any limits where we will go, though. We can, upon request, arrange for national moves anywhere in the nation.”

She says she found it interesting that many of the clients were repeat customers who move around in the Quad Cities area.

Bennett says she did not buy trucks from the former firm but, rather, the equipment, supplies and materials. She rents commercial trucks such as U-Haul and selects trucks appropriate for the size of the load they will be moving. “That gives us flexibility, and it saves the client money.”

Ace’s standard rate is $78 an hour. That includes the truck and two workers to load and unload the truck. For those who want assistance in packing and wrapping household items, the fee is $68 an hour.

“The moving industry is quite competitive, so we want to establish ourselves as going beyond the norm in customer service,” Bennett said. “Our rates are more than fair, and we offer veteran and senior discounts.”

She also said that because they are not linked to one of the major nationwide moving chains, they are not bound by waiting times and other factors that can slow the moving process. “All we need is from two to five days advance notice. We usually can schedule our arrivals and departures to coincide with moving plans of those who hire us.”

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By Ray Newton, QCBN

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Business partners Ken Steward and Susan Bennett have opened Ace Moving, a Prescott Valley company they bought and are marketing throughout Central and Northern Arizona.

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