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Retirement Planning: The Big Picture

Future retirees and retirees should take into consideration the big picture of their retirement planning, which includes conducting financial planning and tax reviews. Once you have the full picture, it helps you make more detailed and necessary decisions to achieve the retirement for which you have worked so hard. Planning for retirement is a multi-step […]

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Just the (Fascia) Facts: Why Myofascial Release is so Beneficial

Fascia is the head-to-toe connective tissue that runs throughout the entire body. The fascia encompasses all the body’s internal structures, connecting everything together, even penetrating the muscles, organs and fatty tissues, and connecting bones to muscles and organs to each other. It looks like an extremely large spider web, with each thread connecting to another, […]

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Understanding the Healing Properties of Herbs

I have been on a journey this past year and have been studying herbalism at Herbal Wisdom Institute in Prescott Valley. My instructor and founder of the school is Kris Vaughan. She has been an inspiration to me. Her passion for herbalism has been life changing. If you would have told me a year ago […]

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Breathing New Life into Youth Organization

When Gerald Szostak was 21, he took a summer job coaching baseball at a youth sports camp on the East Coast. The experience transformed his life. “When I returned home, I changed my entire career path,” said Szostak, who had just completed his junior year at Arizona State University. Szostak was planning to go into […]

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Harry Oberg

An Exciting Time for Economic Development in Prescott

Prescott is entering exciting new times in economic development, particularly in the area of high technology jobs for our young people. The city has retained James Robb as a consultant for economic development efforts in this area of focus. Robb is an experienced senior executive and business development professional, and dealmaker who has helped raise […]

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Yavapai College Partnering with Local Employers to Build Workforce

Yavapai College and local employers are working together to help Yavapai College Engineering students put their skills to work. As a recipient of the National Science Foundation Advanced Technical Education Grant, Yavapai College is able to expand the capacity for paid internships in the engineering field. The grant will fund a three-year project designed to […]

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Travel Pro Tips for the Perfect Gift

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to start the conversation about holiday travel! Imagine: no dishes, no cooking marathons and no holiday decorations to put up… Who wouldn’t want to share that with their special someone? But the gift of travel is no easy gift. There are lots of things to take […]

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Four Easy Steps to Win the Fight Against Fraud

In the world of virtual transactions, online transfers and email verification, more consumers are falling victim to fraud than ever before. Impostor fraud is one of the most critical security risks organizations face today. By definition, impostor fraud refers to a “fraudster” posing as a person or entity you trust and requesting a payment or […]

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