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Understanding the Value of a Vibrant Airport

What economic and lifestyle value does an airport bring to a city such as Prescott and how does our airport impact the well-being of the Quad Cities in the Arizona highlands? Let me start with some statistics from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) that might shock readers. As you drive by the Prescott Airport heading […]

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Are You Keeping Score of Your Business?

Playing penny ante poker with family and friends is primarily a social card game with a lot of talking and little paying attention to one’s cards. You win only if you’re lucky. No strategy involved. Raise the stakes with a different group and the chatter subsides. You check your opponent’s cards and are looking at […]

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Retirement Planning: The Big Picture

As a future or current retiree, it is important for you to take into consideration the big picture of your retirement planning. Once you have the full picture, it helps you make more detailed and necessary decisions to achieve the retirement for which you have worked your whole life. One of the first steps to […]

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Singer Toni Tennille Wants More Musically, for Herself and Prescott 

Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter and classical keyboardist Toni Tennille could probably live anywhere she wants. She has lived throughout the United States, in cities big and small, from coast to coast, in the scenic Sierra Nevadas and in lush, semi-tropical and sun-kissed Florida. But, Prescott is where she chooses to call home. She has done that […]

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Facial Fitness: Myth, Reality or Fad?

The Aug. 6 Wall Street Journal article “New Wrinkle: It’s Time for Your Face to Work Out” discusses a new fad, the Face Gym. According to the article, “Facial exercise is a fitness fad that has generated controversy since Jack LaLanne promised a generation that puckered cheeks and scrunched brows would help people look younger.” […]

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Preparing for Autumn with a Seasonal Wine Guide

As an avid Pinot Noir drinker, I believe that your favorite wine is appropriate at all times of the year, in all kinds of weather. Sometimes, however, the perfect drink for the current season really hits the spot, even if it’s not your favorite. We know that in the summer, a refreshing glass of Prosecco […]

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Healing Through Words, Touch, Action

Many decades ago, before I was a doctor, I worked the night shift as a nurse at the hospital, and I often remember a janitor by the name of Carl. Carl was a tall, slender, rough-looking man with the gentlest soul I have ever known.  I remember him telling me about his life, about how […]

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