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Prescott Area Architect to the Rescue

Let me introduce you to Mr. Arch. Mr. Arch works in the Yavapai County/City area and has supernatural superpowers. If you live or own a home in the Yavapai County/City area and have an issue, a problem, a question, a need or a unique building question, he is the superhero that can and wants to help.


Dear Mr. Arch,


Hi Mr. Arch, we are considering building a new home in the Prescott area. However, we are not sure how to plan a budget for the loan for this project. We are also not sure how to determine how much of the cost will go to things like counter tops, flooring, cabinets, etc. Although we have owned several homes, we have never built. Please help us, as we are anxious to get started.

Mr. & Mrs. Budget


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Budget,

This is a great question, and we at Headwaters Architecture have a great solution. Because we deal with this question with each of our clients, we are very comfortable in delivering a line item budget (a dollar amount for each item needed) that makes sense and is easy to follow. We have developed a simple spreadsheet showing the typical percentages for each line item. We will spend time with you exploring what size home you are building and the size of lot you will be building on. Bringing all this together will develop the spreadsheet you can submit to the bank for your loan, or appraisal and your shopping list of ceramic tile, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, windows and doors. Having all this at your fingertips relieves so much stress of the unknown. However, there are items for which it is difficult to predict the price, like concrete or drywall.

By using the spreadsheet, our new home owner/builders have the freedom to make changes prior to being committed. They often find that they are willing to adjust finances from one area to another and still stay on budget. Not only does this keep you on budget, but makes the process fun.

Please call us and set up an appointment; we will be happy to help you with this spreadsheet, or you can go online at for more information on this as well as who we are. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

– Mr. Arch


If you have a question for Mr. Arch, visit and submit your question. Mr. Arch is an expert with the Yavapai County/City area building codes and permits, and will be happy to address your unique questions and/or issue. And, we may use your question in our next article.

By Kelli Marolf



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