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Food and Wine Pairing: A Love Story

I am a sucker for a good love story. I love those warm and fuzzy feelings, hoping my favorite characters find each other and that they make it last. My favorite love story, however, is an unconventional one, but one of the greatest romances of all time: wine and food. These two have been together […]

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Healing Through Food and Massage

Few people would consider being in four major vehicle accidents in four years a positive thing. Richard Maranville does. Between the ages of 18 and 22, Maranville got first-hand experience dealing with pain and learning how it feels to be limited. Because of the accidents that fractured his spine, dislocated a knee, tore his rotator […]

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Satisfying an Appetite for Locally Grown Food

Those who crave organic fruits and vegetables from the Quad Cities area have options beyond their backyards. They can contract with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operations such as Whipstone Farm in Paulden or The Yavapai County Farmers and Ranchers Cooperative (YCGrown) in Chino Valley; participate in community gardening; or shop weekly at farmers markets in […]

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A Number You Should Know: Why Cholesterol Counts

  We’ve all heard that it’s important to monitor our cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is produced naturally by your body, but it’s also found in food products that come from animal sources like meat, poultry and dairy products. Even though cholesterol has gotten a bad rap, your body actually needs a certain amount of it to […]

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Restauranteur Serving Fun, Food, Music

Looking for a lively, quirky place to sit down, have a wonderful meal and listen to music? Barry Barbe will direct you to El Gato Azul in Prescott. “We are not pretentious,” said Barbe, the restaurant’s owner. “We don’t take ourselves very seriously.” In fact, the only thing they take seriously is their food. Bistro […]

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