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Welcome to “At Home With Tom and Sandy”

We are here to give you the inside scoop on real estate, the construction industry – what’s up, what’s down, what’s hot, and what’s not. We’ll share real estate stats, home prices, building permit numbers, construction pointers and give you hints on renovations that will give you a return on your investment. There is plenty […]

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Pricing Your Home

Welcome to “At Home With Heidi & Sandy.” We are going to give you some marketing and housing stats this month and some tips for pricing your home to sell. Settle in, enjoy and be happy the housing market is good.   Sandy:             Heidi, with winter and the holidays approaching, buyers are typically not looking […]

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Investors Looking to Real Estate While Stock Markets Slump

Money managers are having trouble hanging on to money, at least that is what is being reported in Bloomberg Businessweek. They say top asset managers, hurt by slumping stock markets worldwide, recorded billions of dollars of withdrawals in the fourth quarter. Business Insider reported that traders have not bet against stocks this aggressively since 2010. […]

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