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Boy with Bird

Large Raptors to Descend on Watters Garden Center

With razor sharp hooked beaks, powerful grasping talons, and wingspans that can be more than 5 feet, Arizona’s birds of prey are magnificent to watch and essential to our native environment. Watters Garden Center is partnering with Arizona’s Raptor Experience in Chino Valley to teach local gardeners about birds in the landscape. Saturday, March 4, […]

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Picture Perfect Pottery for Container Gardens

The creativity of container gardens can add punches of color, elegance and drama to our gardens. As with statuary and garden art, they are the accent pieces in gardens, drawing the eye and saying, “Look how beautiful it is here!” Because the plants grow quickly, the constant morphing makes boredom a non-issue! The key to […]

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Exploring the Seedy Side of Watters Garden Center

The 2016 organic seed has arrived at Watters Garden Center. Each packet is stamped with an official non-GMO seal, insuring that these seeds have not been genetically modified. Make sure to verify a seed’s freshness date, organic status and whether it is genetically modified before you buy your seeds for this spring. If you buy […]

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Plant Your Christmas Tree After the Holiday

Using living trees over fresh-cut trees to decorate the holidays has increased in popularity. More than half of my local Christmas tree sales are for living trees that will be planted in January. Because of their waxy needles and high internal pitch, most conifers need surprisingly little water. This is true for the high country […]

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Watters Apple

October is the Month of the Apple

Fall is a time to celebrate the apple harvest. Just thinking of apple pie, apple tarts, candied apples and hot apple cider makes my mouth water. With so many apple recipes to enjoy, why not plant an apple tree that celebrates the season every fall to come? “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” […]

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Preserving Herbs the Safe, Easy Way

If you have herbs in your garden, you know that many are peaking. Although I’ve been harvesting like mad, quantities are exceeding consumption at the Lain casa, so it’s time to start preserving the overflow for later use. There are several ways to preserve culinary herbs; the easiest method is to dry them. Not only […]

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Knowing When to Harvest Fruit

Most tree fruits start to signal their best taste with a sweet scent in the air. But it’s very hard to gauge the exact moment of peak ripeness. Times will vary year by year and different varieties will come in at different times. Here are a few signs to watch for by fruit variety. Apples – […]

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Learning about Roses and Bonsai Plants

Quad City residents accustomed to informative classes offered at Watters Garden Center may be interested in upcoming events. July 18 – Bonsai Club Start Up – Bonsai expert, Frank Cuva will teach a beginning level class encompassing the creation of a bonsai plant. During the class, students learn the basics of transplanting and shaping for a […]

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