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Understanding Quantum Hydration Therapy for Younger Looking Skin 

The Prescott DermaLift Clinic’s Quantum Hydration Therapy uses negative ions combined with saline to stimulate collagen production, leaving skin tighter, firmer and super hydrated.  

Quantum technology combines negative or positive ion fields (depending on what treatment is necessary) with natural saline solution, similar to the type used to rinse contact lenses. Quantum Therapy works differently from lasers, which vaporize skin cells, or chemical peels, which utilize acid to burn skin cells. The gentle, non-invasive treatment does not remove the epidermis, but rather forces a conductive ion current through sterile saline to stimulate collagen production. Quantum Therapy treats sun damaged or rough textured skin, aging or dehydrated skin, acne, oily skin and scar tissue.  

Quantum Hydration Therapy is truly the most effective non-invasive non-toxic treatment to achieve a younger appearance. It improves skin texture, tightens skin and muscles, diminishes scars and other skin imperfections and is the only therapy other than topical crams that can be used over and around the eyes to tighten loose tissue.  

The clinic utilizes several other procedures to rejuvenate skin and muscles naturally, combining Quantum Hydration Therapy with the BioLift Procedure produces remarkable results.  

BioLift Rejuvenation 

Every cell has an electric charge which powers blood circulation, oxygen transport, nutrition and detoxification. As we age, these electrical impulses can diminished and muscles become elastic and unable to support the skin tissue attached to them. In addition, the skin loses its ability to regenerate new tissue and its ability to moisturize itself. Fluid buildup, wrinkles and sagging are the end result. 

The Bio-Electric Rejuvenation unit uses a variety of frequencies to stimulate cells and re-educate muscles. The equipment uses universal healing frequencies to tone muscles, reduce fluid retention and to soften wrinkles. Specific techniques are used to lift and keep muscles firm. This process also creates elasticity in the tissue reducing wrinkles.  

Think of it as taking your face to the gym. If you work on your bicep muscle by lifting weights, it becomes toned and firm. The micro-current isolates and stimulates muscles in your face and neck, essentially doing the same thing while re-educating your muscles to lift up and defy gravity. 

New Healthy Exfoliation Therapies 

As cited in The New York Times on June 28, “Exfoliation Tips for the Best Skin Ever,” exfoliation, if done correctly, helps your skin purge dead cells revealing a better complexion. Although we may not be aware of it, many of us have an amazing amount of dull and sometimes yellow or brown cells built up. Some will resort to home remedies, which often do more harm than good, according to the Times. The skin can become stressed and become more vulnerable to the elements. It is important to partner this process with others that replenish the skin. Often at-home treatments “can leave your skin looking like parchment paper.” 

The Prescott Dermalift Clinic is currently offering new services, which, when combined with the BioLift and Quantum Hydration therapies, leave your skin younger, deeply hydrated, defuzzed and clear of dead cells, sunspots and uneven skin tone. All of this is achieved without the damage, downtime and damaging chemicals that you would find with many treatments. 

Dermaplaning removes the dead skin cell layer to encourage cell turnover and healing of age spots and sun damage.  

CBD or enzyme infused facial replenishes skin when activated with steam as well as removing impurities with all botanical ingredients. QCBN 

By Justin Schepman 

Justin Schepman is the owner of Prescott Dermalift Clinic, 928-713-6907. 



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