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Northern Arizona’s Largest Furniture Store Opening in Prescott Valley 

The long-vacant former Kmart building in Prescott Valley will soon be a second home for Pruitt’s Fine Furniture, a Phoenix-based business.  

The family-owned company purchased the store at 7550 Highway 69 in December. Renovation efforts have been underway, with an opening date scheduled for March. 

“Because we’re a family-owned business, we’re able to move quickly and make business decisions much faster than national and international chain companies,” said General Manager Christy Smith. “It’s an aggressive timeline.” 

Smith said the mission of the Prescott Valley store is to provide affordable options for every possible furniture buyer’s budget throughout Central and Northern Arizona. 

“We keep our margins low and provide a huge inventory with a full range of options for buyers,” she said. 

The inventory will include furniture for college students, for newlyweds and middle-class families. Buyers can also find upscale, name-brand home décor for every room, she said. 

Styles will range from classical and neo-classical to Victorian and vintage, traditional, contemporary and casual, modern and rustic.  

“We’re known for our exceptional customer service,” said Smith. “Some of our customers are now in their third and fourth family generations.” 

The store also will carry a large inventory of outdoor and patio furniture to fit the Southwestern lifestyle. 

Smith, an Arizona native and graduate of Arizona State University, had been a real estate transactional attorney before becoming general manager for Pruitt’s. She shifted to the retail business when she saw what she describes as a “greater long-term opportunity to get into business and take some challenging risks. Pruitt’s offered me that chance.”  

Her husband, Brent Smith, serves as the operations consultant overseeing construction and logistics at the new store. Both spend several days a week in Prescott Valley. They supervised the extensive remodeling necessary to accommodate the multi-million dollar inventory, which will be in the 100,000-square-foot building.   

“We will be sending delivery trucks daily to keep the new store fully stocked,” she said.  

Brent said Pruitt’s is using local architects. He noted that Jebco Construction Co., of Prescott, is the main contractor. The company is using local labor and materials as much as possible in the renovation of the concrete block wall building. Plans include a small coffee shop inside the front entrance.  

Also under consideration is a semi-outdoor casual restaurant near the outdoor furniture display area.  

The Smiths emphasized how grateful they are to find a welcoming business environment in Prescott Valley. They said town officials were consistently accommodating in responding to permit requests, inspections and other legal and construction requirements. They also complimented other businesses in the area, saying that management and staff from many surrounding firms had stopped by to welcome Pruitt’s to the community. 

“We’ll employ more than 20 people, ranging from stocking services to sales, customer service and management, when we open,” said Smith.   

Pruitt’s in Prescott Valley is expected to be the largest furniture store in Northern Arizona. QCBN   


By Ray Newton, QCBN


Those interested in applying for jobs are encouraged to contact Smith at 




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