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Pampering Someone Special with a Couples Massage

Couples massage is a great way to introduce a partner who has never gotten a massage before in a way that makes him or her feel more comfortable the first time. For some, couples massage is a great opportunity to introduce someone special to the positive effects of massage – which may be an unfamiliar experience – facilitated and enhanced by a trusted friend.

Others enjoy the benefits of massage together for the first time in mutual support of each other and a desire for shared adventure. Some men are apprehensive about getting a massage because of the disrobing involved, and to have their wife or girlfriend there is reassuring. Spending time together as a couple strengthens your relationship.

No matter what the reasons for seeking it, couples massage has proven to be a versatile experience and has made many lasting and memorable impressions on participants.

In general, most couples massage sessions take place in one room with side-by-side tables and two therapists. The session is usually enhanced by music, soft lighting, candles and, often, aromatherapy. Most likely, you will be asked to fill out a brief medical form prior to your session to make sure massage or certain massage techniques are not contraindicated.

Well-trained couples massage therapists focus on their individual client while acting in unison with each other to give the individual a customized session while providing a shared therapeutic experience for the couple.

How to Get the Most from the Experience

Ask questions you might have ahead of time. How is the room set up? Are there changing facilities? Ask general questions about massage — what to wear, how to prepare. etc., Get an answer about anything you might have concerns about before you come. It is important to be open and receptive to receive the most benefit from your session. Keep this in mind if you are surprising your partner: make sure they have enough information or preparation, so they are in the right frame of mind when they arrive.

Be prepared to share how you’d like to feel before and after the session. You may be asked where you carry muscle tension in your body, what depth of pressure works best for you, what type of work you do and so on. The more information you can give the therapist, the better he or she can customize the session to meet your relaxation and therapeutic goals.

Finally, make the couples massage an event. Choose to do something fun together afterward that enhances the experience. You will hopefully be in a state of relaxed bliss. A quiet dinner would be great. Preparing taxes – probably not.

What Constitutes a Couple?

Any two beings who want to share a massage experience. Whether you want to spend a luxurious romantic day with your special someone, a girl’s day with friends or want to come with a family member, this is a lovely treat. So, this Valentine’s Day or any day you want to celebrate a loved one, put a couple’s massage on your list after the flowers and before the chocolate.

Massage is a manual therapy that manipulates the soft tissues and decreases muscle tension, pain, stress and depression. However, when posing the question, “What is massage?” it is common to hear the following replies: “Massage is such a luxury.” “Massage is something I treat myself to on a special occasion.”

While all of these statements capture the idea of massage as a way to relax and to treat
ourselves, massage is maintenance for the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of Massage

Massage makes you feel and perform better; increases circulation; enhances the immune system; promotes nervous system functioning; reduces blood pressure; relieves pain and muscle tension; improves mood, intellectual reasoning and job performance; has a positive effect on conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes and migraine headaches; stimulates the nervous system to help reduce muscle atrophy; increases muscle tone; sedates the nervous system to help ease muscle tension, spasticity, stress-related symptoms and headaches; boosts the functioning of the immune system and maintains health when done regularly.

Receiving a massage regularly throughout the year will lessen the risk of being sick, so an added benefit is reducing medical costs and lost time at work. Overall, the cost of massage is a small price to pay to have great health and to take care of yourself.

Massage gift certificates are perfect for Valentine’s Day for that special person or couple in your life. Consider giving the gift of relaxation, closeness and intimacy in the form of a day spa gift certificate or simply set up an appointment as a surprise. QCBN

By Amanda D’Agosto

Amanda D’Agosto is the owner and operator of A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio. She can be reached at 928-442-6026. Those interested may book a massage, or other service right now using the online scheduler at: A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio is located at 2074 Willow Creek Road in Prescott.

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