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Spring Cleaning for a Healthy Home 

With all of the snow and cold weather ending, we are ready for nice weather. Our homes have been closed up, air recirculating, fireplaces burning and heaters running almost nonstop. The air that we have been breathing hasn’t been the healthiest. Dust and allergens lurk in hidden areas. As we start to open up for spring, it’s time to clean things up. 

A deep spring clean on the interior of the house will make your home feel beautiful, it will look well cared for and will contribute to healthy living. The ceiling fans, vents, light fixtures, fireplaces, baseboards, raised panel doors, pot shelves, cabinet fronts and many more areas collect dust and grease over the months. Your general vacuuming and dusting just doesn’t get all of those areas. Many people are sensitive to the dust that collects in these areas and sometimes do not even realize the effect it can have on their health. Mold and bacteria can grow in areas that are difficult to reach such as high window sills, corners, ceilings and shower door frames. 

In the kitchen, there is a danger of cross contamination when unwashed plates with food left on them are piled in the sink or discarded food piles up in the trash can. Dirty ovens can create smoke that is released into the air when the door is opened. Mold and bacteria can form in washing machines, fridge doors and seals, dish washers and other appliances that can then be transferred to foods and utensils 

The winter has played havoc on our windows. As the rain runs down the glass and the snow piles up on the outside sills, dirt and debris collect in the tracks and frames. This makes it difficult for the windows to open, close and seal correctly. Besides wanting your windows to be sparkling clean so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors, it is important that they are working properly. Check the weatherstripping and seals for cracks and breaks and repair or replace. Spring is a good time to check all the screens for holes and tears that might let insects or pests in. Keeping your windows and screens in good working order will help to keep unwanted dust, dirt, allergens and pests out of your home. 

Curtains, bed skirts, valances and comforters are all places where allergen producing dust mites, mold and pet dander linger, exposing your family to and increasing the possibility of asthma and other related symptoms. 

A dirty bathroom is the culprit of an array of possible threats. Bacteria and parasites that collect in “unchecked” areas of the bathroom can lead to E. coli and Staph infections. A good scrubbing and disinfecting of the areas around the toilet, shower corners and frames, all handles and fixtures and medicine cabinet where you store such things as toothbrushes and medicine, will help to alleviate these threats. 

A clean home will reduce illnesses and accidents from falls. It has also been studied that a clean home reduces stress, and we all need less stress. Have a beautiful, happy and healthy spring! QCBN 

By Lucy Leyva 

Lucy Leyva is the owner of Prescott Maid to Order LLC. 

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