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Winterization Tips

Welcome to “At Home With Heidi & Sandy.” We are here to give you the inside scoop on Winterization Tips this month. Settle in, enjoy and take those precautions to ensure you do not have winter issues in your home. Remember, for winterization of your home you can certainly take precautions wherever you can; however, […]

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Good Posture: The Key to Health and Wellness

Healthy living is a priority for many people today. Hours are spent at the gym and extra dollars are spent at the grocery store in an attempt to sculpt the best version of yourself. However, even with all the time and money spent on looking and feeling good, many people overlook one of the key […]

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Did you know Oct. 19 is BRA Day?

Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona wants you to know that Wednesday, Oct. 19 is Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day. Breast reconstruction is an important part of the journey for women battling breast cancer. For many, it restores a sense of wholeness by recreating what cancer has taken. Sadly, many women are not always aware of […]

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Matt Uhler

The Many Ways to Value a Business

In a past article, we talked about “How Much is Your Business Worth,” and the art and science of business valuation. A business broker will use a number of analytic methods. The valuation analysis is crucial, yet coming up with a price to place on the business may be the most important step. Sellers need […]

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Photo by Bing of salad at Surf Club Restaurant.

Survive or Thrive?

I was having dinner with some friends a while back and one of them asked what was new with me. “Well,” I said,” I just graduated from a nutrition program. I’m now an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach.” After a congratulatory toast and some encouraging words about launching my new career, my friends lamented that they […]

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Ten Flowers that Insects Hate

Bugs wreak havoc on flowers leaving frustrated gardeners to ponder whether to fight back with chemical pesticides, organic poultices or angry machete chops. However, even if you’ve lost the battle with bugs this season, you can win the war by planting flowers that insects find unpalatable. These flowers naturally repel insects because of soapy sap, […]

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