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    Busy Lifestyles Feeding Online Food Market

    The days of combing the aisles of brick and mortar grocery stores for pantry staples and fresh ingredients remain far from over, but online meal ...


Prescott Struggling with Prop 443

For some, the biggest issue on the upcoming primary and special election Aug. 29 may not be who gets elected to the Prescott Ctiy Council as mayor and city council members. Rather, it may be the fate of Prop 443, which asks voters to approve three-fourths of a cent sales tax to be used to […]

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A Wine Guide for the Holidays

When I think about the holidays, a lot comes to mind. First, the excitement of being with family and friends and creating wonderful and hilarious memories with them. Second, everything that needs to be done, the shopping and decorating and cooking and cleaning. And third, all the wine I’m going to drink! Wine is my […]

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Library prop 443

Prop 443 Tax Increase Makes Possible Expanded Library Hours

Hundreds of Quad Cities residents already are benefitting from the Aug. 29 election, during which voters overwhelmingly approved a 0.75 percent sales tax requested under Proposition 443. The immediate benefit is the expansion of Prescott Public Library hours to include 1-5 p.m. on Sundays; and the hiring of four part-time library staff members, said Prescott […]

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More Than A Broker

When Kyle Karstens’s name comes up, typical responses sound something like this: “She’s got the biggest grin, happiest smile and the best sense of humor. She makes even the toughest real estate decisions understandable.” Kyle Karstens is one half of the Karstens and Associates Realty team in Prescott. She and her husband of 35 years, […]

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Non Smoking Room Opening Photo

Cliff Castle Expands NonSmoking Section

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel in Camp Verde, AZ, is proud to announce the opening of their expanded non-smoking area. With 108 of the most popular slot machines, Cliff Castle Casino now has the largest non-smoking casino area in the state of Arizona. James Perry, Director of Marketing at Cliff Castle Hotel, said, “We are responding […]

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What is it Like to Have a Hearing Loss?

As an audiologist, I see hearing impaired individuals every day. One of the most rewarding activities of my job is to teach the family members what it is like to have a hearing loss and how to better communicate with hearing impaired people.   What can the hearing impaired person hear? I think that understanding […]

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Students Practicing Problem-Based Learning in STEM Programs 

Problem-based learning (PBL) can be defined by certain characteristics: The learning is driven by open-ended problems with no right answer. The problems are context-specific. Students work as self-directed problem solvers in small groups. Key problem is identified and a solution is agreed upon and implemented. The instructor plays the role of a facilitator of learning, guiding the process and […]

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Enjoying the Holidays More Through Massage

Here they come: The holidays! The days, weeks and months are sure to be full of joy, events, giving, food, laughter, friends, family and, for most of us, a dose of stress. As we negotiate with family about where to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas, and most of us are vowing to start holiday shopping early, the […]

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