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The Secret Garden: Using Plants as a Natural Screen

As the autumn colors drop the last of their leaves, the gardens can feel naked. Without strategically placed evergreens in the yard, it easily feels like prying eyes look right through your home. Not only does your privacy seem to disappear, but that neighbor’s debris pile can be witnessed through winter. The solution to both […]

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Recovering from Illness, Injury with Aquatic Therapy

While many individuals at one time or another have enjoyed floating or swimming in pools for fun, pools can play an important role in rehabilitation through the use of aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is when physical therapy is provided in a pool under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional. At Mountain Valley Regional Rehabilitation […]

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Research Linking Bodily Organisms to Health

I’d like to tell you about new research that’s so exciting I simply must share it!  We’ve known for more than 100 years that tiny organisms live in the colon, but it wasn’t until 2001, when Dr. Joshua Lederberg coined the term “microbiota” to describe the ecological community of commensurable, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms that […]

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Exploring STEM+A Curriculum for Construction Careers

When exploring the type of work done in construction and within the curriculum of the construction field, the impact of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, plus Art (STEM+A) initiative becomes apparent. Construction is an area that involves all of the components of a STEM+A education. STEM+A helps solve problems in construction – from pouring a […]

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Applying Rapid Tension Release Massage

Rapid Tension Release (also known as vibration or percussion) Massage uses rapid movement to ease muscle tension and reduce aches and pains. This specialized massage technique provides concentrated, rapid, short-duration pulses deep into the hard-to-reach muscles and tissues to stimulate blood flow and relax tight muscles, ligaments, tendons and the fascia that covers and connects all […]

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Four Reasons You May Need a Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists – also called speech therapists – are educated, skilled and licensed healthcare professionals. They’re also sometimes overlooked by people unaware of the important role of these professionals in health and healing. “Our profession focuses on helping people of all ages – newborn to senior – address health issues from the neck up,” said […]

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