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Navigating Depression and Anxiety 

I’ve been noticing a huge shift lately in the level of stress that people are experiencing. It’s as if our collective nervous system has been holding it together for as long as possible, and now it can’t anymore. The physical manifestations I’m seeing in my patients are profound depression, fatigue and unbelievable anxiety, which in many […]

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Flowers that Help Sell Your Home

Of all the ways to boost your home’s curb appeal when you put it on the market, what could be quicker or less expensive than installing some colorful garden flowers? Watters Garden Center conducted a survey to discover which flowers are most appealing to house hunters. In addition to trimming your trees and shrubs and […]

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So You Want To Be a Pilot But Not Go Broke? 

If you are thinking about becoming a pilot, right now is a great time to consider such a career. Airlines are facing dramatic pilot shortages and an aging workforce that has a mandatory retirement age. Or, if you want to be a recreational pilot, rule changes by the Federal Aviation Administration have made it easier […]

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