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YCCA Griffis

The Soil Report

Welcome to “At Home With Heidi & Sandy.” We are here to give you the inside scoop on real estate and the construction industry: what’s up, what’s down, what’s hot and what’s not. We’ll share real estate stats, home prices, building permit numbers, lending information, construction pointers and give you hints on renovations that will […]

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Evaluating New Options for Skin Rejuvenation

There are a plethora of new skin treatments – some work and some are less effective. When you are considering anti-aging treatments, you need to evaluate a number of factors in addition to effectiveness including your own personal goals, issues with your skin, cost, long-term commitment required, toxicity and invasiveness. I would like to address […]

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Plan a Great Staycation this Summer

Summer is upon us, a time when many like to get away and enjoy a vacation away from home. As appealing as leaving your busy life behind and sipping fruity drinks with your feet in the sand may sound, it isn’t always the most realistic option. For a family, organizing a summer vacation may be […]

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Maximizing Social Security Benefits

With so many baby boomers on the verge of retiring, Social Security has become a hot topic, especially when it comes to finding out how to maximize one’s benefit. One of the reasons Social Security is such a trending topic right now is due to the fact that, after years of paying into Social Security, […]

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Peggy Marsh

Preparing Your Business for Sale

WCI Brokers is the largest full-service business brokerage firm in Northern Arizona. As business intermediaries, we have facilitated more than 500 business acquisitions in Northern Arizona over the past 15 years. This article is part of a series of articles written by our professionals at WCI Brokers on topics important to business owners interested in […]

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Harry Oberg

Yes, the State’s PSPRS Debt Can Be Solved

It is no secret. The Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) is in desperate circumstances, just as are so many pension systems across the nation. Overall, Arizona governmental units owe $6.3 billion to the pension fund. The debt continues to grow because of several factors, primarily, poor investment decisions, a much less than expected […]

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Helping Bees Find Our Gardens

Bees are essential pollinators, pollinating about a third of our nation’s crops. We would have far fewer food options without these little workhorses, but bees are in trouble and local gardeners can help them. Bees rely on wildflowers, and some or our traditional agricultural practices have been traded for industrial techniques that increase crop productivity […]

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