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Understanding Tax Implications of Gambling

When we decide to make a trip to the casino or to a racetrack on the spur of the moment or on a planned adventure, most people do not spend any time considering the tax implications involved if they actually win. Gambling winnings and losses include raffles, track races, sports betting, lotteries, all casino games, […]

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Greg Mengarelli

Taking Flight in Prescott with Wings Out West

We are excited to talk about an event that marks an important partnership between the City of Prescott and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Mark your calendars for Saturday, Oct. 6 for the Wings Out West air show at Prescott Regional Airport. This family-friendly show will feature aerial demonstrations, aircraft displays, an aeronautical technology fair and a […]

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Autumn Perennials are Helping Birds

Birds bring beauty and sound to the garden. It’s nice to put out bird feeders with seed and suet to attract birds to your yard. But birds still like to forage and find their own food and it’s especially important to have food for them to find when the feeders are empty. There are many […]

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Reducing Your Risk for Breast Cancer

There’s lots of information about breast cancer risk, prevention and detection. But, how do you know what’s best for your long-term breast health? The experts at the BreastCare Center at Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) have identified seven steps to help you. In keeping with Share the Care – the BreastCare Center’s community-wide program to […]

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Higher Education Paying Off for Arizona Students 

Last month, Northern Arizona University hosted the Arizona Board of Regents for in-depth discussions about Arizona’s educational attainment and NAU’s important role in shaping our state’s workforce. I want to share a recent column that ABOR Chairman Ron Shoopman published during his time in Flagstaff. His message reflects NAU’s conviction that higher education transforms our […]

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Buying A Home with Military Veterans’ Benefits

No down payment. No mortgage insurance. Lower credit score requirements than most loan programs. Does this sound too good to be true? Actually, this is a true reality for our military veterans. These are all characteristics of Veterans Affairs mortgages, also known as VA loans. These home loans are made through private lenders and as […]

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Drinking Water Helps Your Teeth

I often focus on the health benefits of general nutrition, but sometimes it’s good to go even more basic: water. Without basic needs, you die: without three minutes of air, three days of water, three weeks of food – or just about. Three days without liquid causes severe dehydration. Critical. What about limited dehydration? This is […]

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