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Prescott Struggling with Prop 443

For some, the biggest issue on the upcoming primary and special election Aug. 29 may not be who gets elected to the Prescott Ctiy Council as mayor and city council members. Rather, it may be the fate of Prop 443, which asks voters to approve three-fourths of a cent sales tax to be used to […]

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Comparing Physical Therapy and Opioids

For many of us, we know the nuisance of a minor pain. If allergies cause us to have a sinus headache, we take a decongestant. Back pain from a weekend of yard work? Ibuprofen may do the trick.   But what about those who suffer from chronic pain that lasts longer than six months? No […]

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Harry Oberg

Showcasing Prescott Airport for Wings Out West

As my readers will know, development of the Prescott Municipal Airport has been one of the priorities during my term as mayor of Prescott. The Prescott Airport serves the entire Yavapai County region and offers everything from commercial airline service twice daily to Los Angeles and twice weekly to Denver, to flight schools for training […]

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Considering Firearms and Safety

If you are considering purchasing a firearm or already own one, it is incumbent on every firearm owner to know, understand and strictly follow the four universal firearm safety rules. They are:   A firearm is always considered loaded; therefore, never point it at anything you are not willing to destroy.   Always keep your […]

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NAU Grad, Advisor Releases ‘What’s Your Number?’ Book Aimed at Sharing the Stories Behind Retired Numbers at Arizona High Schools

Do you know anyone who’s had their high school number retired? Does your high school have retired numbers? Do you ever wonder why? If so, “What’s Your Number?” has all the answers. The book, the second from former KNAZ-TV sports broadcaster and NAU alum Scott Hanson, tells the fascinating stories behind every retired number at […]

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Cindy Barns

Veterinarian Helping Practices Manage Records

When Cindy Barnes bought the Prescott Area Pet Emergency Hospital (PAPEH) in April 2015, she had no idea that within weeks, she would convert it to a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week facility that would soon serve all of Northern Arizona. Barnes, who earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University in 2012, understands that […]

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Understanding One-Sided Hearing Loss

Do you or someone you know have a hearing loss in one ear and were told nothing could be done about it? That was the common misconception many years ago. With this type of hearing loss, a person will experience difficulty understanding speech in a noisy room and locating the source of a sound. Many […]

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