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Offering a Heads Up on Biking Safety

From paper boys hustling through their paper routes at the crack of dawn to families taking a Sunday afternoon cruise through the neighborhood, bike riding is one of America’s favorite past times. But every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 26,000 bicycle-related injuries to children and adolescents result in traumatic brain […]

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Greg Hicks

When To Replace Your Printer

Deciding on the “right time” to purchase a replacement printer isn’t as easy as some would hope. If your current printer seems to be still functioning reasonably reliably, then the choice becomes even more difficult. However, if you fail to replace or upgrade your printer at the proper time, it may translate into technology headaches […]

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Growing Your Business in 2018

As companies continue to plan for 2018, business owners are determining their priorities for the New Year and how to be best positioned for growth. According to a recent survey, small-mid sized business optimism remains near its highest point in a decade as many business owners report plans to invest in their businesses and add […]

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Heavy Metals

Let’s talk about heavy metals, and I don’t mean heavy metal bands. Did you know wearing deodorant and antiperspirant adds heavy metals to your body? Sure, it keeps others around you from smelling you before they see you, but it’s not good to have heavy metals in contact with your body. Antiperspirants try to stop […]

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