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Experiencing the Seedy Side of Watters Garden Center

 The 2018 organic seed has arrived at Watters Garden Center. Each packet is stamped with an official non-GMO seal, ensuring that these seeds have not been genetically modified. Make sure to verify a seed’s freshness date, organic status and whether it is genetically modified before you buy your seeds for this spring. If you buy […]

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Financial Considerations in Divorce

So, you’ve just been served with divorce papers. What now? Following the initial shock of being served, panic and a feeling of being overwhelmed often seems to hit next. If minor children are involved, the biggest fear often revolves around custody and parenting plans. At the same time, financial concerns such as who is going […]

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Educators Comparing Mount Vesuvius Eruption with Northern Arizona’s Volcanic Activity

One of the most noted natural disasters in history was the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which buried and preserved the Roman city of Pompeii in volcanic ash and rock. Educators like Sari Custer, vice president of curiosity at the Arizona Science Center, compare the volcanic activity with geologic processes in Northern Arizona. “When Mount Vesuvius […]

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How to Simplify, Clean Up Your Life in 2018

Ready for the New Year? Feeling overwhelmed with your current day-to-day tasks? Feeling guilty about what you don’t accomplish? Afraid to make those New Year resolutions because there is just not enough time? Everyone feels these types of feelings at some time or another or in some cases…always. In an effort to simplify the day-to-day, […]

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‘Thanks for All You Do’

Thrusting his hand out in warm handshake, he smiles broadly. “Hi, I’m Harold Viehweg. Thanks for all you do for the community.” That is a pretty typical greeting most people get when they meet Viehweg in his tightly-organized, uncluttered ground-floor office in the Prescott Chamber of Commerce building on Goodwin Street. Not everyone who enters […]

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Marking a New Beginning Today

NAU had many reasons to celebrate in 2017. Our outstanding faculty and staff and our strong degree programs placed us in the top 2.9 percent of degree-granting higher education institutions in the world, according to rankings from the Center for World University Rankings. Our team’s dedication earned our university a higher education civic engagement award […]

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Greg Hicks

How Do Our Computers Know So Much About Us?

Some people are entirely convinced that the devices we carry around with us or that are popping up in homes everywhere are surreptitiously activating their microphones and listening to our conversations. It’s the only way, they contend, that your Facebook feed could suddenly show you posts regarding the latest kitchen gadget the same night you […]

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Prescott Valley Councilmember is Woman of the Year

Jodi Rooney, a member of the Prescott Valley Town Council, has been named 2017-2018 Woman of the Year by the Metropolitan Phoenix Chapter of Women in Transportation (WTS). From 2010 until recently, Rooney served as the Arizona Department of Transportation’s local public agency section manager. She was credited with being the architect for the ADOT […]

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