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Offering Simple Remedies for Muscle Spasms 

It’s quite common that during any given week, many people will come to see us at Partners In Health Care, Naturally with the same odd symptom, and I’m always amazed by the coincidence. I remember that a few years ago, six patients came in with a muscle sprain/strain of the same very unusual muscle of the back. Odd! Why […]

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Play Emphasizing Spirit of Giving for Holiday Season

The creative generosity of local author Diane Iverson will benefit hundreds of low-income families in the greater Prescott area during the holiday season. Iverson has transformed her historical fiction novel, “Hannah’s Heart,” into a play. It focuses on a 10-year-old girl, Hannah Grace Meadows, who tries to find ways to give Christmas gifts to her […]

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Preparing Your Home for Winter

With the nip in the air, you can feel the change from summer to fall and then ultimately into winter. The summer months brought in all the dust from open windows and the windows are pretty much a mess from the monsoons. This is generally the time that you start thinking about cleaning up from […]

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Boys and Girls Clubs Recognized for Board Leadership

Boys & Girls Clubs of America awarded the local board of directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona (BGCCAZ) the 2018 League of EAGLES Silver Award. This award is a key element of the national organization’s Great Futures 2025 Strategic Plan to build strong organizations. The award recognizes local organizations for achieving […]

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Rechargeable CROS Aids Improving Quality of Life 

People with single-sided deafness or one ear that is not able to understand speech clearly are at a significant disadvantage when attempting to understand speech and other sounds. This type of hearing loss is called a unilateral hearing loss. This problem is increased when there is noise in the room while the desired sound is […]

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Lisa Fry

Focusing on Pace Instead of Race

Once again, the holidays are upon us. The weather is crisp, the days have shortened, and the pace sometimes quickens as the holiday calendar fills with activities and time set aside for those we love. As rich as this season can be, the sometimes-overlooked reality is the heightened sense of awareness, or stress, which can […]

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