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3D Tomosynthesis Mammography Units Added to YRMC Imaging Sites 

Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) introduced two additional 3D Tomosynthesis mammography units to their imaging sites earlier this year, bringing the total to three in the YRMC network. The evidence is clear that Tomosynthesis – 3D mammography – is a more precise screening for breast cancer for certain women.  According to YRMC BreastCare Center Imaging […]

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Prescott Radiologists Welcoming Peter Mamalakis 

Prescott Radiologists has hired a musculoskeletal radiologist with specialty expertise in diagnosing diseases and abnormalities of bones and joints based on images from MRI, CT scan, X-ray and ultrasound.  Peter Mamalakis, M.D., was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is one of 12 children. He has a wide variety of experience, including studying genetics […]

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Home care service for the elderly

YRMC and Prescott Meals On Wheels

Malnutrition is a growing concern for the elderly of our community. Additionally, as baby boomers age, they’re facing more medical challenges, making it important for them to stay healthy and out of the hospital as much as possible. How do our diets impact our health? Eating poorly – or not enough of the required daily […]

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Treating Uterine Fibroids

A significant amount of women over the age of 35 have uterine fibroids. Fibroids are considered a public health issue and often lead to hysterectomy, which is a major surgery. Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus and are very common. Often, there are no symptoms, but they can […]

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Vertebroplasty: Healing Spinal Compression Fractures

Osteoporosis and certain types of cancers can cause spinal compression fractures, which lead to collapsed vertebrae and extreme pain. This decreases a person’s ability to be active and can lead to many other complications as a result of becoming sedentary. Prescott Valley resident Norman Walsh was in extreme pain and could barely move from his […]

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Interventional Radiologists: Pioneers of Minimally Invasive Treatments for Peripheral Vascular Disease

Homer Stevens could not walk far because his legs would tire out quickly and his toe was black, swollen and very painful. His quality of life suffered. His podiatrist suggested that he might have a circulation problem and recommended he get tested for Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD). PVD or PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease), which is […]

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Breast Tomosynthesis: Increasing Accuracy to Improve Breast Health Outcomes

A promising new mammography technology that finds 41 percent more aggressive cancers and can reduce patient recall rates by as much as 40 percent has arrived at the BreastCare Center at Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott Valley. This new technology, known as breast tomosynthesis, creates a 3-dimensional image that helps radiologists see more of […]

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