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Understanding the Value of a Good Reputation

Can enough importance be placed on reputation? It is paramount in almost any aspect of life. Your personal reputation and integrity affect just about everything you do, from your social circle to your professional life. It is the same with business. As business professionals, your company’s reputation should be at the very top of your list of goals and aspirations. Of course, every business owner wants to be highly regarded; however, your reputation goes further than that. Your business reputation is impacted by almost everything you do. Here is a list of some of the most important components that affect an organization’s reputation:

Employees: The company has talented employees.

Ethics: The company behaves ethically and is worthy of respect and trust.

Leadership: The company is a leader in the industry and is innovative.

Financial: The company is financially strong, profitable and growing.

Social responsibility: The company is involved in the community and supports good causes.

Management: The company is well organized, well managed and has a vision for the future.

Customer Service: The company cares about and is committed to its customers.

Reliability: The company provides consistent service and stands behind its products and services.

Quality: The company provides high quality of services and products to its customers.

Value: The company provides its products and services at a good value.

Communication: The company provides good communication between the customer and the company representatives.

Emotional Appeal: It’s a company to feel good about using.

Whether its online and social media reviews, publication awards and recognition or overall word of mouth, reputation is what drives consumers more today than ever. Advertising is, of course, still crucial and is how you get your businesses name in front of the public, but your reputation is what will seal the deal.

As a consumer, are you looking for a particular service or product? When searching for your next service provider or product, do your homework and research the company you are considering. Take a look at its reputation online and in the community. Try to avoid the cheapest deal and look for the qualities listed above. In the long run, it will save you time, money and headache. The organizations with good reputations got there with hard work and commitment to be the best in their field.

Here at Prescott Maid to Order, we are committed to excellence and are grateful to our community and customers for our reputation. QCBN

By Lucy Leyva

Lucy Leyva is the proud owner of MTO Janitorial LLC, and Prescott Maid to Order LLC, both local cleaning companies based out of Prescott Valley, serving Northern Arizona since 2005. For any cleaning inquiry, please contact us at 928-772-0004 and/or visit our website at

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