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Donna Werking

Managing Pain in Northern Arizona 

We’ve all felt it: a twist here, a pull there or a twinge when moving too quickly, too forcefully or too awkwardly. This troubling pinch in the back, shoulder, neck, arm or leg could progress toward a lengthening battle with debilitating pain. That’s when your primary care physician can refer you to Northern Arizona Pain […]

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Prescott’s Kastle Keeper Cleaning, Consulting, Writing

The young Shannon Miller always knew she would excel at self-employment, even while building her first business at age 12. The university neighborhood where her mother resided in California proved a lucrative market for washing cars. Hiring 17 acquaintances at $8 per day each, the pre-teen was “making great money” coordinating washes for tenants and […]

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Girls Learn Success in Education, Life from ‘Sisters’

Girls who attended the Sister-to-Sister event on May 1 at Yavapai College (YC) said they heard stories of struggle and inspiration, learned about the benefits of higher education as they pursued careers, and enjoyed the camaraderie. Sister-to-Sister is a mentorship program that provides high school girls with support from professional women. The half-day workshop was […]

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Living abroad

From Mountains to Oceans

Living outside the United States is the norm for 400,000 American retirees who have chosen – often for financial advantages – to make their home in countries such as Canada, Japan, Mexico, Germany and the United Kingdom. While that list of global locales is not all-inclusive, the Social Security Administration identifies them as favored among […]

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Tools, Tips for Inviting Customers into Your Business

Invitation is the new persuasion in the quest for business success among marketers in a digital world. The alphabet soup of B2B, B2C and C2C targeting among businesses and consumers has transformed into person-to-person conversation via evolving technology platforms. Successful businesses invest in their most valuable asset: themselves. Storytelling in the right time and space […]

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Employees, Interns Praising On-the-Job Training

Young people who take the initiative to seek internships and on-the-job training can find themselves on the receiving end of proficiencies never imagined while sitting in a classroom, participants reveal. “Always do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t,” advised Gary Medeville, a Chino Valley High School senior, 2016 Arizona […]

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Bitcoin: Currency of the Future?

A novelty digital payment method surfaced in January 2009 as the brainchild of a computer programmer identifying himself as Satoshi Nakamoto and christening his techno-currency Bitcoin (BTC). The prognosis for BTC as a mainstream currency has been shrouded as much in mystery as the identity of its inventor. The fact that Nakamoto is presumed to […]

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Marketing Prescott Valley

The call to action in Prescott Valley’s battle cry as “Leader of the Pack” originated with Mike Paredes, executive director of the Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation (PVEDF). Parades, an Arizona native who has been on the job in Prescott Valley for nearly two years, says that his job – and that of everyone in […]

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